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The very essence of Amanda Dowd Jewellery is her private design service. Amanda works with you to create a unique and lasting piece that expresses your ideas and desires. Amanda has an innate ability to discover the things that are most important for creating an individual piece of jewellery, whether for yourself or as a gift for someone close to you.

Amanda spends time with you, tapping into your thoughts and tastes to form the seed of your unique design. As designer and maker, Amanda uses her creativity and technical expertise to turn your thoughts into something distinctive. Once you are happy with the design concept, Amanda turns the piece of your dreams into stunning reality.

'I love transforming client thoughts into a distinctive design. It's the look of joy and pleasure when they are presented with an individual, handcrafted piece that keeps me passionate about my work.’

precious gemstones
A qualified gemmologist, Amanda works with clients to consider a range of suitable gemstones for their special piece. Sparkle, durability, colour, clarity, price … Amanda’s expertise will empower you to choose a stone with confidence and excitement!

hidden treasures
Do you have a beautiful stone hiding in a piece of jewellery that you never wear? Make that stone sparkle again by allowing Amanda to reset the stone in a new, unique piece that you can wear again with pride and elegance.